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My head is burning with her gripes
Why am I always wrong not right?


<font color=green>They lie side by side,
But apart, not touching,
Separated by inches,
Which may as well be miles.

You are my Lily, I am your Rose
In our Garden we repose
I watch you blossom
Day and Night

They no longer use it
Since they’ve passed away
One we had for ten years
when the other came to stay

The air is filled with reeking smoke
It's just enough to make ye boak

But when the law forbids the habit,

Strangers, who are they?
Just someone you have never met…
Are they different?
Are they queer?

When I awoke, there it was
A poem like a seed
In my mind's eye, for no one else,

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan
Three countries,
all devoid Of hope
No love of life, no drink, no dance

Up hill, down dale,
by river and by loch
in mountains and in valleys new
have you ever met him,

<font color=purple>I sit in my armchair and still caress your thighs…
These wooden frames contain for me forever
The memory of your smile…

<font color=red>They harm themselves from day to day
For pain that will not go away
Is it in their arms or in their legs?

<font color=green>It is wonderful to have friends…
Seldom seen,
But forever in one's heart.

<font color=red>My Dual Carriageway has gone
The Free-way Life did not exist
That route was never one for me
I've always wanted company

My body’s ugly, she says,
Silently demanding approval
A wrinkle here, a wrinkle there
A stomach far beyond compare,

I saw a fox the other night
The sight of it was pure delight
It loped along with regal grace

Aberdour is heaven
Of that there is no doubt
But Tam the Gun was a chum
of Edinburgh

<font color=magenta>Skin as soft as Silk
Crying out to be touched
A neck as graceful as a Swans
Light and Dark shadows

There are Days when everything is right
And also days when it is not
Days when the Sun shines always
And many days when it does not

<font color=blue>The house was hers and no one else's
She's lived there over fifty years
To pay the bills if it was needed
Was what we sought for later years

<font color=green>It was in 1968 to Dunfermline
we were shipped
For four years of Apprenticeship
To be in The Navy and see the Sea

Colin Johnston Biography

Born in N.Ireland. Left at 18 to join the RN.Now living in Scotland. Take Care... Many Thanks to all those still reading my poems. 27th Oct.2020)

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008: Love Comes In Waves

My head is burning with her gripes
Why am I always wrong not right?


Her heart will always be with mine
To keep it so is not a crime
My thoughts and hers, as one, Entwined


We've been together all this time
Let's turn the water back to Wine
To drink together for all Time
And find that perfect love again
Our hearts, once more, again, Combined


Could we?
Should we?
Of course we Should.


So, should You try to make it right
To quench the fire and put it out
I think you should, just take the Time...

There is nothing more divine
For turning water back to Wine

Love will Always, Come in Waves
Those angry, burning heads to Save


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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 November 2021

CONGRATULATIONS, dear Poet Colin Johnston, Poem Hunter and Team has chosen YOU as The Poet Of The Day, hoorray! I am very happy for you, God's Blessings

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Janis Land 05 October 2009

That was very sweet and kinda sad. But beautiful just the same.

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Not a member No 4 08 January 2007

A guy to watch out for. 'The Lovers' has signs of real class. jim

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