Deer Hunting Time Is Here Again Poem by Kathleen West

Deer Hunting Time Is Here Again

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Deer hunting time is here again
And many hunters take to the woods
After months of planning with family and friends
They gather in common brotherhood

It's a freedom that fills the soul of a man
With the peace of God's nature all around
Lessons that have been taught since time began
And lifelong memories and friendships are found

Hunting is taught by tradition still yet
Knowledge passed on from man to man
And you'll learn things that you'll never forget
And respect nature more, our wildlife, and our land

So all you hunters enjoy this time
May you be skilled and have lots of luck
May God bless you as you hunt today
And may you bag that ten point buck! !

Dedicated to my Father who enjoyed hunting with family and friends all of his life. He died of a heart attack on the opening day, while hunting with my brothers and uncles. He could not have asked for a better way to go, doing what he loved most!

Michael Roby 18 November 2011

Great poem. Your Dad passed from one beautiful hunting ground to another.

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Sidi Mahtrow 15 November 2008

Hunting is all about sharing. Like the tenderloin from the big buck Dropped off at our house By the teen-ager who shot his first one. Sad to say, The very next day His family's home was destroyed by fire And the only remaining part of his big buck Lay frozen in our freezer. What to do? Exactly what anyone else would do, Invite them over to a feast With that harvested meat. No weepy eyes here Only a lot of good cheer. Even faced with the loss of home And all, Being with friends that Fall Was all the more important When you remember That time long ago. s

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