Depession... Poem by Me, Myself and I



For Is it all in the mind?

Or is it all in the hands clasped around your heart, ? ?

Squeezing it dry, forever and today, ?

As high on a hill you might be one day,

Breathing in that air, that's life as it's just what you've been told you need,

To take on that believe what they say…

Yet in less than twelve hours you have fallen,

In free-fall without a parachute,

A complete and utter failure in life,

Holding your head in your hands,

Staring at these four walls closing in,

As all the love you once knew,

Has since just walked out on you…

Yet with all the lights turned out,

You tell yourself you okay,

As ‘I just need to Man up….'

I can beat this, no, really, I can? ?

But these tears still fall,

As you beat your fists against these manifested walls,

When the unforgettable pain of aloneness sings it's chorus to you…

Like a ‘cat in a bag, waiting to drown'

You're but an Inch from suffocating,

Clambering for air you stumble,

But knowing your fall,

You manage a smile and say,

‘Hey, I told you All'…

Depression….It's a Killer…

MMI Me Myself and I. 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,dead,death,depression
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