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depression is when you are sucked into a cold lonely world
where you don't have anyone to love
no one by you're side
you wish you could die
cutting with tears
you want help but no one can say anything right
you're words are cold
depression leads you down a broken road
you keep walking forever down that road
you're heart is bleeding from all the pain people has caused

its a disease from people you love
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*Trusting You* 30 December 2008

its a disease from people you love they hurt you so bad and they act like they care great lines. amazing poem. I am sure many people can relate to this. great job! ! Becca

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Ven Detta 11 October 2008

I love your poem, it's so exact. Keep it up.

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Savannah Armstrong 02 October 2008

Thats exactley how I feel...Is this how you feel? I never thought anyone can find the right words to explain it...Keep writing it keeps me alive to read your poems and know that im not the only one who feels this. thx o(^.^) o

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Katie Windon 09 February 2008

Thank you for writing this poem i was really able to relate with everything you said.

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