I wonder why I can't die
Cause I'm filled with pain
Broken all over the place

I wish I could be you're Cinderella
I wish I could meet you at a ball and
You find my glass slipper and bring it back
Then sweep me off my feet

I thought I could stay away
But I just couldn't bare it anymore
It was calling my name so I had to
I know I gave in

She looks into the mirror
With tears flowing down her face
Wishing that she was someone else
Because she hates what she sees

depression is when you are sucked into a cold lonely world
where you don't have anyone to love
no one by you're side
you wish you could die

This is it everything that you have gone through is now memories.
All of your happy and sad times in high school have now faded.
A new life has begun on your own.
No more waking up dreading that this day will never get here.

Invisible is what I am
To everyone that surrounds me
I am alone and hurting
There's pain that won't die

I have a rose that is black and its bleeding dark red blood
How I love to stare at it before I lay in bed
It reminds me of how broken I really am
This rose represents every part of me

I will never know how I feel
Cause I am caught up in a moment
So emotionally
I can barely breathe

I look at this knife in my hand
I think about cutting over and over again
To feel real too feel the pain
Just so I can breathe

I don't care what you may say or think
I am me and I'm not gonna change
I don't care who you are
Its my life

I'm sitting here alone tonight
Thinking about you once again and
I don't know why

Why can't I get you out of my mind
Its driving me crazy
I can't go a day without you on my mind
You don't know what you mean to me


Can you look at me and see this little girl inside
Can you see that she's hurt
She's broken and bruised by the world
With no where to go she runs and hides within herself

Here I am all alone staring at these four walls
Wondering why your still on my mind
I'm trying to think of something or someone else besides you
I shouldn't have these feelings that I do

You can find me hidden in a corner crying a million tears
I'm broken can't you see
When you see me in public I smile
But its not even real

Do I need you
I know I want you
But do I really need you here with me

Take a look at me and tell me
Do you see the lies I've been telling
Can you see that all along I've been living a lie

I'm screaming at the top of my lungs
Why can't anybody hear me
I'm dying slowly out here all alone
Losing faith and getting weaker by the hour

I've been hurting for a while now
And I don't know what to do anymore
After all I've been through
Feels like I'd be better if I did give in

ESPN CHICK Biography

I love writing sometimes its a way to my escape. My writings vary into different categories from depression to love I write about everything. Poetry has saved me from totally losing it completely. All my poetry isn't good but if you like it thanks a lot. I hope that my poetry can inspire someone or maybe its something that someone is going through but I hope you can relate! THANKS BUNCHES!)

The Best Poem Of ESPN CHICK

A Girl Like Me

I wonder why I can't die
Cause I'm filled with pain
Broken all over the place

And I'm still here in this flesh
Still moving when I should be six feet under

I tried hard to die but I'm still here
Knowing no one will miss me
Even though I wish he would miss me

Cause he meant everything to me
I wish he knew the way I felt

But he never will
Not till the day I die
Even though I have tried to tell him

I don't think he would ever love a girl like me
A girl who wishes she was dead

A girl who is broken inside and out
He would never love a girl like me
Therefore he can never know how I feel till the end of my time

January 6,2008

Not good i know but who cares


Eyan Desir 19 November 2009

Wow that's a lot of Inspiration To write so many poems Maybe I should watch espn Like you...Good job...

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