Deserve You Poem by Yaya King

Deserve You

I feel as though I don't deserve you tonight
Something about the way I lie comfortably in your arms doesn't feel right,
That's why I feel I can't afford to let you out of my sight
I need you, please hold on to me,
And I beg you, hold on tight

Promise me that when things seem to be taking a turn for the worst,
You won't abandon me and take flight
I say 'when' because knowing me,
It's matter of 'It will', not 'It might'
Promise me that against all the mountains we'll face,
The love we share will always be of a greater height
It's a miracle you haven't run away,
Promise me you never will,
And assure and reassure me you'll stay
Even when the part of me that's as dark as night,
Becomes clear as day,
Promise me you'll always remain with me as that one ray,
Of hope, in whose comforting light I can resy and lay

A few, rare times, where I don't feel as unworthy;
I feel in your arms is where I rightfully belong
A person like me being with an angel like you doesn't feel so wrong
I don't feel as if I'm the wrong note that will prevent you from singing a good love song
I don't feel as though I'm a burden you're condemned to forever drag along

I don't deserve you, I know
But, I can't help but say 'Even though, '
I need you, don't let me go
Your leaving will cause my heart great sorrow
It'll disrupt my heart's beating and blood flow
If you leave me today,
There's no telling whether my heart will live to see tomorrow
My own self will become my greatest foe,
Knowing it was the reason for your leaving;
My greatest woe

I need you more than I let you believe I do,
For the fear that you may not do so too
But at the end of the day, I'm kind of see through

Sometimes, as to why you love me, I don't have a single clue
No matter how many times you tell me otherwise,
I can't help but believe the fact I don't deserve you is true

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