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Developping An Island - Poem by inguruwattadewage charminda

The flowing water providing power supply via all over island last day without rain many people desire current failure presently many country using nucleic power for supply current specially we can call to them world power of command country India china and Japan using this nucleic sources for rescue from darkness although may be the nucleic power not suitable an island.otherwise proper system is water power for further.but India and china will agree to giving this power for using our nation. Electric train has very high speed we can reach every place a one moment and we could deposit t like gold not to be facing power failure. This developing village not correctly power supply yet the first fact of not to satisfied production by turbine by water power. Northern area having large terrorism last three five years ago many things destroys by enemy presently they Live without saw power in this area school children haven't power supply for studying computer very difficulty in study at the night
Although some one dance beneath color light. Some island for provide solar and wind power for the ministry of power and energy although this area not any project or plan earn to power and energy. Otherwise not functioning works shops and factory in case of loose of professional for the people. Among this situation why not agree with kudankulam nuclear plant yet the people movements again st nuclear energy.sri Lankan nuclear power plant proposed 2020 year..
Actually developing country main problem of lack of power supply due to loose of rain.someone destroying environment without any idea of future planning.with increasing population developed road facilities. at that situation we can't hope full reach range of rain which of effect for reducing supplying power energy. Sri lank a was a cultivated country since history comparison with universal movement some ells not to be match for present situation be side young people try to fight with new developing world they need to delegated with world via. Without power energy they couldn't reach to themselves dreamland they become to weakness among darkness' at the future.
Absolutely this whether suitable for large power plant area there is no evidence of bad weather since last few year without doubt for storm or rough sea because front side adorn by marvelous lagoon.the forest protect by the government although commence large project in this place they will give the permission for the benefit for people alive. The one problem we need to one power plant for required approximately 400000 cubic yard of concrete.66000 tons of steel 44 miles of piping 300 miles of electric wiring enough to stretch
Construction of a new nuclear power plant creates up to 3500 jobs at peak construction each year the average nuclear plants generates of approximately dollar 470 million in sales of goods and service the average nuclear
Plant generates federal tax payments of approximately dollar 67 million annually.
The country man suffered with loosing professionalism.they need to wealth for cure themselves family. Without duties for people they tie with many of bother and they time spending for unsuitable something using nuclear power plant we can construct many of factory via country.the past time came natural calamities and terrorism effect is very harm full decades not done any development project via country no active any new idea via country. Many young soldiers killed by enemy at the past time its may effect for loosing development in this country. Ancient time many of aliens came and capture this country otherwise every our ancestor fighting with swords the fact of the nation has not new idea of the terrorism. The condition of war somebody offered them life also beside it general condition of their people.

All of thing over since presently young solders rescue mildly life threaten too missing something themselves life's now they could share with developing project. The sources of our step by step loosing people are useful many thing daily.without sources we cannot to earn money for future plan.
Otherwise important cultivate plant need to increasing plant yard and man power for increasing working strength.

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after war

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