Diabetes Poem by Sandra Osborne


Rating: 3.4

Pain in my feet
With pincushion fingers.
Blurred double vision,
Exhaustion that lingers.

I thought it was fat,
That I had to avoid.
Turns out it was sugar,
No, I'm not paranoid.

Thirsty? Yes, always.
Tired? Exercise.
Hungry? Can't eat,
Gained another full size.

Blood sugar up,
Blood sugar down.
Feels both the same,
And my heart still pounds.

The pills aren't a cure,
Insulin either,
A meter to measure
My angry blood fever.

No eating for fun,
No ice cream for me,
Have I seen the last sunrise
That I'll ever see?

My doctor say's 'Manage'
My friends all just worry,
Seems I'm living my life
In one damn big hurry.

It’s a lonely disease
And it fogs up my brain,
Drains all my strength,
And then, there's the pain.

So chop off my feet,
And I'll get a Rascal,
This diabetic life,
It's more than a hassle.

Herbert Nehrlich1 28 January 2005

Sandra, this is a very good description of some of the negative aspects of the illness AND you are pointing the finger at the incompetence of many practitioners in the treatment of it. There is still much made of fat in the diet, especially saturated fat, a colossal miscarriage of medicine's mandate. Diabetes was successfully treated many years ago in America through fatty meat diets and restriction of carbohydrates and one cannot overeat on animal fats or proteins, a fact that conventional practitioners have yet to learn, even though we are teaching it in unis now. An excellent book (world's best) on the subject was written by Dr. Bernstein (The Diabetes Solution) , worth every penny as he shows you how you can completely eliminate the negative aspects of DM. No one need suffer the symptoms you describe any more today, but you must turn your back on establishment medicine. Write for further info. The poem is of your usual quality but I don't want you to have a fat head (I think Theodora said one is enough...) Best, Herbert

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Michael Witkowski 28 January 2005

A perfect biographic lament.if it's taken from (your) life then you merit my sympathy but i am a fellow in suffering somehow too- hemodialysis patient. Well done, brief, pointy-sharp&painful-mournful :) : (: (: (: (Must be on my favourite list mebbe... Best wishes michael Witkowski x

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 27 January 2005

i almost feel bad about complimenting you for this... but what a fantastic lament! superb. Jake

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