Ramona Thompson

Did You Really Rape A Woman? - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Dark rewrite of Byran Adam's hit song, Have You Ever Loved A Woman?

Tell me, baby
Just what did you do to that woman
Did I misunderstand her
Or did you really tear her apart so deep inside
Is it all just her own sick thoughts
Is it all just a cold, cruel dream
Or is it true
Did you do what she said you did
Did you break her so bad that now all she wants is to die
Did you force her into lyin there
Helpless in your arms
I just have to know
Did you really, really
Did you really rape this woman

Have you ever raped a woman
She told me
Yes, you have and did
Took what you wanted
Against her will
Warned her to be quiet or you would kill everyone
Everyone that she cared about
Oh yes
She says
You threatened everybody
All because from her you never
Never got a second look
So tell me if you can
It's not true
Answer me when I query
Have you ever, ever really raped this woman

If you raped this woman
I must say
I'm really, really turned off
Can no longer stand to be in the same room with you
Gettin' sick just thinkin' about
How you must have touched her
Breathed into her
Tasted her
Until you brough forth the blood
And now for sure I can tell
For in your eyes are swimming those tell-tell lies
Whispering to me
You really did rape this woman

Because you raped this woman
I can no longer say
You are the dream that I wanted
No, no you are more like a nightmare neverending
'Cause I know if you'll do it to one
You will do it again to anybody
Maybe even me
And so now I know truthfully we can never be together
'Cause when I ask
Your cruel eyes and that expression on your face said it
You really, really did rape this woman

Oh-you've robbed me of my faith
Because you held her
Just a little too tight
Showed not even an ounce of tenderness
Got no idea at all
How to treat a woman right

Somewhere you must have really went wrong
Believing no matter what you did
I would stand by you
Be there for you
Lie for you
Even after you did the unthinkable
Even after you raped this woman

Trapped her
Helpless in your too strong arms
Could't fight back
I saw the truth in your eyes
That's how I know
You really, really raped this woman

Repeat chorus

Yeah-now I know that you really
Really, really raped this woman
Oh-yes, you scumbag, I know
'Cause I saw the truth there in your lyin' blue eyes
You really, really did rape this woman

2009 Ramona Thompson

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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