All Muslims Are Terrorists! Poem by Ramona Thompson

All Muslims Are Terrorists!

Rating: 4.3

So sick to death of always being judged
The color of our skins alone marking us as criminals
Leading you to believe
Painful, hurtful lies
Lies that rip and tear apart the very fabric of our once loving community
Turning the world againest us
One by one
We come forward
Pleading to understand why
Why do you always lie and say?
All Muslims are terrorists

Worked so hard to make a better life for ourselves and our families
Never would hurt even a fly
Proud to be just like you
Red blooded
Blue collar American citizens of this great land of the good ole U.S. of A.
That's why we find it
So hard
So damn hard to understand
Why do you hate us when the sin of 9/11 was none of our fault?
When all we ever did was be born
Under a different skin
A different faith and set of beliefs
That does not mean that
All Muslims are terrorists

So much hate
In your heart of hearts
We know that you must know
About us
You're all dead wrong
Insecure and afraid
Can't protect yourself by shifting the blame
Where it does not belong
Can't solve your problems by running away this way
Calling us everything that you fear
When in reality it is the hidden monsters inside of yourselfs that you should be profiling
Researching and studying the horrors of your hearts instead of continuing to spread this cruel lie
So shameful of you to sit there still and say
All Muslims are terrorists

Someday we pray
You will at last
See the error of your misguided ways
Stop pointing and accusing
Then maybe
Just maybe we can save this world together from the real enemy
Standing forever together as one nation
Won't you reach out your hand?
Won't you please try?
To join us to build
One nation
One world where no more are we, your fellow man, taunted and falsely accused
By the darknest of all mankind's lies
The wicked rumor being spread like cancer that
All Muslims are terrorists

That rumor must end today!

2008 Ramona Thompson

Weezze ... 07 February 2008

Great meaning. It's horrible how sterotypical life is today.

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I never felt that ALL Muslims are terrorists just a certain militant group that has emerged in our world to take center stage with Ebola and erupting volcanoes..your poem was written 6 years ago when everything was relatively calmer in this world in comparison to today's turmoil..a very good poem for its time but there are doubts and uncertainties in this day and age..a ten from me..let's hope that the promise of world peace can be achieved soon..

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Osama Waqar 23 June 2012

not all muslims are terrorist...and please also read what America did to other countries... first they kill others and act as if they are are the only humans on earth......

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Aashish Ameya 15 March 2008

not all muslims are terrorist...and please also read what America did to other countries...

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shel cope 09 February 2008

Hey Trade, '...most terrorists ARE Muslims....! ! ! ' a slip of the tongue surely?

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poetry lover 07 February 2008

I agree with Amber 100% we shift blame & pass the buck so easily in this life. The world is a stereotype.

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