Different Poem by rinki nandy


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couldn't care,
you bare,
for a person you are rare,
you answer back while they stare,
does it matter if they glare? ,
wonder the source of this dare,
do you damage or repair? ,
is it your ego or flair? ,
are you always fair? ,
is there a need to flare? ,
is that my complaint? ,
they call you different!

People talk about,
give no thought about,
no care or attention about,
may be you should question about,
are those difficulties you rout? ,
should you be indulgent or ignorant,
they call you different!

Why then they criticize? ,
whisper softly when they sit besides,
mixed thoughts are all what resides,
show they care in disguise,
your heart still tries,
understand your drives,
should you be kind and tolerant? ,
they call you different!

Is it your vice or virtue? ,
are you words always true? ,
why then it comes naturally? ,
when you insult knowingly or unknowingly? ,
is it me who understands this creature? ,
is it you who shuns your future? ,
need you be diligent to be different? ,
need i an understanding of the different to be different?

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 July 2010

Volcano…eruption…destruction…stability… ‘need i an understanding of the different to be different? ’…right finality it is its stability…not vulnerability… thanks for sharing … Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS We’re masking us because we’ve no noetic musk …to enfragrance others 15 deserts…created not original…because it has oasis… n

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Different, but unique. A thought provoking poem, my friend! ; D

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