I......Love You Poem by rinki nandy

I......Love You

Rating: 5.0

Curse the day i am denied a glimpse of you,
hate people who talk bad about you,
bless the day God blessed me with you,
life would be worthless without you,
life would have no meaning without you,
my source of inspiration are you,
words can't explain how proud i am of you,
i know i am gonna grow old on you,
my existence is unknown to you,
for which i am so ashamed of you,
life would have been easier without you,
would have a job besides thinking about you,
hate to get up knowing i can never be with you,
know i will never get over you,
if only God created more like you,
i wouldn't be so miserable without you,
won't know these tears without you,
no end to my fears without you,
why am i not made for you?
God wanted me to live without you,
may there be another life with you,
wish i could touch and kiss you,
wish you knew how much i miss you,
friends with the shining star are you,
gone forever to be with God are you,
people say i must forget all about you,
tell me things so i can hate you,
but i am so crazy that i.....love you.

Lost Poet 04 March 2010

................nice one dear........ ....cant stop mah self reading it again n again.... do read mah poem 'i hate her'

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 11 February 2010

beautiful expression of emotion...your experience is enjoyable...

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Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 30 January 2010

Nicely written.. 'i love you' the only unselfish word in this life.

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Meggie Gultiano 25 December 2009

a nice write....love the flow of your words

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Danny H 16 December 2009

This is amazing! i love the ending i always you. brilliant and unique

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