Different But The Same! Poem by Daniel Hooks

Different But The Same!

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We are all different but the same.
We all like playing this life game.
We all came from our mothers womb
We will all end up in a tomb.
We all have the same emotions.
We all show someone devotion.
But we have different faces.
We all come from different races.
We all have different ideas.
We all have different fears.
We are all different but the same.
We all have different names.
Some of us are old.
Some of us can't stand the cold.
All of us have strengths.
Yet some go to great lengths-
To hide them away.
Our favourite word is o.k
We all show love in different ways.
We'd rather not work if we can play.
Some of us want to find a home where we can stay.
Some of us presume to know it all.
Some of us will fall a great fall.
We are all different but the same.
We don't know from where life came-
But we wonder all the same.
We also wonder when will it all end.
For some of us it drives us around the bend.

Monday, December 5, 2005
Topic(s) of this poem: religions
Ahmed 26 November 2018

What a poetry I like this sentence very much, yet some go to great lengths

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Shahzoda 07 May 2018

Great Job lobe this poem

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Alison Smith 27 November 2006

The Same but different Still there is the fact.. We all would love to know the end before we have written the whole story. Nice work Alison

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