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I have feelings for you its true
Though we both agree
They will never be love

Love you with a deep desire
Lust for you with my whole being
Long for you to hold me close
Longing and lust my lover.

They were created with perfection
But arrived before well baked
Sent to show the way
Searchers of another day

Thoughts of you, how my temperature rises
Your body next to mine so divine
Your touch electric upon my skin
Lost in the lust of our connection.

She wanders through the crowd
It is as though she wasn't even there
No one acknowledges her presence
She is but a breath of air.

Hear the thunder echoing about
A sky with a green hue
The sign of hail on the way
Lighting giving a great show

The goddess has been awakened
Once again the body and soul must be fed
For so long her desires have been buried
Was there one who could uncover them?

Do you know who I am?
I am the dream you have not fulfilled
I am the nightmare you cant face
I am the speech you cant complete

Met a man who interested me
He wrote great poetry you see
Said we'd meet and share some time
Maybe even have our bodies rhyme

Hello my darlings
Its time we sat for a chat
Its been such a long time
Since I looked at you

Met a man across the net
He makes me feel so special

Trusting takes time
Play perfect pleasure
Linger longer lover
Strike sensual strings

A spark of life
A cell divides

Within that cell a life begins

She sits at her computer
And opens the window.
She has entered another world
A place where she can be free.

Within me lies a secret
Who is there to let it loose
Do we want to know this secret
Or should it be forever bound.

Air is warm
Laying down enjoying
The serenity of the day
Listening to sounds passing

When you put your words on paper
Are you writing a poem or just data
Do you consider that someone is reading
Exposing your heart as it is bleeding

Friends we were
For such a long time
So why do we no longer speak?

She had never been this close
Her heart beat wildly
Even the thought of his touch
Made her quiver.

Within the buffeting of life
A small change begins
A transformation is occurring
That which had been hiding would be seen

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Alison hands her work from time passed and time now into your hands (the reader) ...... She is no scholar or published poet.. She hopes you find the time to read and hopefully enjoy her words... Don’t forget to leave a comment telling her how you feel.)

The Best Poem Of Alison Smith

Am I Jealous

I have feelings for you its true
Though we both agree
They will never be love

We travel our separate paths
Meeting when we feel a need
So why does your seeking of others
Create this confusion in me
Am I jealous

This relationship has no ground rules
That can be applied in our situation
We dont have a need for trust
Who you see when its not me
Should not bother me
But it does
Am I jealous

Maybe its not jealousy
But more the feeling of impending loss
For soon you will find someone
And then you wont need me again
Someone new will hold you tight
And our paths will no longer cross.

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zaki rafique 23 May 2018

the poem about jealousy has an amazing words in it. i love this poem.

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Holly Z 12 April 2007

Very nice poem, I liked it because it's a sweet message you are trying to send out to someone. Maybe this person doesn't always think positive. So your telling them to keep their head up and look on the brightside. To me there always is a brightside, No matter how you look at things or what the situation is.

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