(dilemma Poem) A Devils Dominion Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

(dilemma Poem) A Devils Dominion

Rating: 2.8

I'm not that wise that an old man needs my guidance.
I'm not that smart that an old man needs my opinion.
A devils dominion.
He dominates with pure words.
Manipulation thought to be from a god as it is heard.
A kindness completely ignored for a greater knowledge.
Understanding the metaphysical mind medium into the soul.
As if I ever could.
My skills are way over estimated.
And to keep your hopes held high do I tell such an elongated lie?
One way longer then Pinocchio nose could ever reach.
Only to hurt him later.
Or an easy let down right now?
With the secrets I divulge.
A indulgence in a sobriety.
An aroma that brings upon clarity.
A coffee of the best brew.
I say wake up, I scream wake up, I cry please wake up.
But still he does not wake.
Lost in the land of dreams.
A pleasing dimension to the extremes.
A sugar coated star, come on now I fall short by far.
Do not ever follow me for I am a stray.
A dog fighting for left over table scraps.
And some people get wounded along the way.
I do have quite an overbite when it comes to my canines.
And I do not want you to be a victim or a regret.
Miracles I don't provide.
It's not a movie.
Were not on a play or set.
We are real people, who can do bad things with the best intentions.
A medicine to prevention.
Just listen your inner self.
That voice will be more help.

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