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Dirndls - Poem by gershon hepner


All people who the dirndl spurned 'll
be happy to learn that the dirndl
is now a fashionable tunic
in Bavaria, where Munich
will celebrate Oktoberfest
by ogling fräuleins who are dressed
in dirndls they have boldly shortened
in ways some matrons think they oughtn't,
doing this so they'll be chosen
by young men wearing lederhosen,
who often from the dirndly shelves
take dirndls that they wear themselves,
over black lace petticoats,
to look depraved as dirndled goats.

Fräuleins wearing lederhosen,
indicate they too aren't frozen
in a frigid paradigm,
but look for some bad-girl time,
no Jungfraus who are just a tease
with what they've got above their knees.
Designing fräuleins in designer
dirndls value their vagina
as something that, though undiscerned, 'll
be hinted at by her short dirndl,
the shortest journey just above
the hemline of her dirndly dress
that, via routes of horny sex,
is reachable sans GPS.

This has in morals put a dent,
causing great embarrassment,
which in German is fremdschämen.
A dirndle is no more a lemon
making fräuleins look like matrons.
It makes them sexy city citrons,
like those around Oktoberfest
Jews choose because they look the best-
Leviticus twenty-three forty-
shortened dirndls looking naughty,
on young Damen in the doll lines.
In Bavaria these fräuleins
who're wearing dirndls that are shorter
than Mrs. Porter for her daughter
might have chosen-soda water
not their drink, but beer or porter-
wear garments that, like Alpenrock,
although of course far more Baroque,
attract the guys throughout Bavaria,
including those who wear them, fairier
than what you might have thought, perhaps,
if just familiar with Von Trapps.

Read to Bill Hrisko, who like me is from Leipzig, where his family owned two hotels and 200,000 acres of farmland.

Patrick McGroarty writes about in changes in dirndl fashion in the Oktoberfest in Munich ("At Oktoberfest, A Controversy Brews Over Racy Designer Dirndls: Pancy-Pants Lederhosen Also Irk Purists, " WSJ,9/3010) :

Surrounded by the bratwurst stands and beer wagons of Oktoberfest, Alexandra Coroian, a 24-year-old Romanian in pigtails, pulls at the ruffle of her short scarlet dirndl, exposing a black lace petticoat underneath. 'I really like these costumes, ' she says, demonstrating how she hacked off the bottom half of the traditional dress. 'I think I'll wear it many more times. It looks so nice.'
Long the preserve of fräuleins and Alpine cultural enthusiasts, dirndls and lederhosen have become an international fashion trend in recent years, inspiring ever bolder iterations that purists say are transforming their proud heritage into a vulgar caricature.
The front line of this battle runs through the Wiesn, the 100-acre fairgrounds in the center of Munich that is home to Oktoberfest, the city's 17-day fete of beer, wurst and schnapps that is marking its 200th anniversary this year.Critics say the Wiesn has warped from a quaint Volksfest into a cultural wasteland: women in lederhosen, the occasional man in a dirndl, and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton flaunting designer renditions that cost thousands of dollars. 'It's become like Mardi Gras—it's appalling, ' says Ursula Fröhmer, a Munich tailor who specializes in the authentic Germanic folk costumes known as tracht…
The female equivalent is the dirndl, a knee-to-floor-length dress with a tight bodice that accentuates a woman's chest. Both styles were famously worn by the cast of 'The Sound of Music.' Standing amid racks of dirndls and bolts of cloth in the shop she inherited from her father, Ms. Fröhmer sums up her frustration at the spectacle Oktoberfest has become with a singular German word: fremdschämen, a term that evokes a feeling of cringing embarrassment for the actions of others.'I'm overcome with fremdschämen, and I'm ashamed that I'm from Bavaria when I see things like that, ' Ms. Fröhmer says.
True tracht is rooted in the traditional peasant dress of Austria and Bavaria. The colors, design and embroidery differ by region and town….
'You know, I appreciate and like those people that are doing the traditional styles, ' says Ms. Paltinger. 'But I, for myself, I have to do something else and something different.' She says the reason for the dirndl's appeal to the fashion set, or to anyone for that matter, is clear. 'Men love to see dirndls on their women, ' she says. 'All men love dirndls and love the décolletage of their wives or their girlfriends, because it's really sexy.'

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