Portrait Of A Marriage Poem by gershon hepner

Portrait Of A Marriage

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Before the marriage can been framed
the canvas has to be unrolled,
and even if the artist is unnamed
make sure the story that he’s told
has not by framing been distorted,
for it was painted without borders,
and his intention may be thwarted
imposing order on disorders.


Bill Grace 25 April 2006

Wisely and beautifully said. Bill Grace in San Antonio, Texas

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Scarlett Treat 25 April 2006

Gershon, thank you for the correction, because with that one changed word, the whole poem fell into place for me. It now is complete, and makes reading it so easy. Great description of a good marriage that has room to grow, as long as it is not bound by the 'frame.'

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Gina Onyemaechi 25 April 2006

I'm with young Anna on this one, Gersh. I think you're telling us that the secret to a good marriage is openness, honesty and privacy. Love, Gina.

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Mike Finley 25 April 2006

I don't get it gersh - and I really tried! It's hard to do justice to the truth unless you know the whole truth? Can BE framed...

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Anna Russell 25 April 2006

My interpretation was that this is about the importance of honesty and REALLY knowing each other. Beautiful poem and wise advice. Hugs Anna xxx

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Falease Anderson 25 April 2006

I feel the profoundness but can't fully interpret. Please write me and let me know the meaning. I'd appriciate it.

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