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My language always is precise,
but I’m prepared to take advice
from people who can’t follow what
I’m saying. When I’m being hot,

Once You Touch A Butterfly

Once you touch a butterfly
it often, flustered, fails to flutter,
and cannot soar into the sky
without a sputter and may splutter,


Of almost bare, the derriere
of women wearing underwear
that covers little, I would sing,
and thongs that are designed to cling

Accidental Beauty

The beauty of a ruin may be best
appreciated by a rank outsider,

Accentuate The Positive

Accentuate the positive, I said,
and minimize
the negative, and then lift up your head.
Look in my eyes,

Portrait Of A Marriage

Before the marriage can been framed
the canvas has to be unrolled,
and even if the artist is unnamed
make sure the story that he’s told

Doors I Never Close

Doors I never close
cause millions of regrets,
like yesteryears whose snows
no melting heart forgets.

It's A Man's Man's Man's Man's World

It’s a man’s man’s man’s man’s world,
but it’s really nothing if you haven’t got
a woman or a girl by whom you’re whirled
around, around, around. There are a lot

And God Created Woman

The generations of the earth
and heavens are this poem’s story:
how man was first to come to birth,
and woman then became his glory.

Death Of Rachel

In Bethel he had seen the gate of heaven,
and by the sight had truly been beguiled:
the patriarch returned there with eleven
young sons, plus Rachel, who was big with child.

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