Frank Bana

Disambiguation (Jew Style) - Poem by Frank Bana

Grotesque, misshapen, destiny bargained away
For normalcy - like everybody else, except - I am the Jew
Exceptional, yes, every person unacceptable
Or less than real, than how you feel I have become.

This Shylock I embrace, the twilight part I play
The hooded hooknose specter so beloved of the Nazi
Jews don't leave their young to starve their old to perish
In the cold, the wild, they make a shelter for their kin

The darkness here within. I will submit
To the picture frame, cartoon, the shame, but you
Will never purify me of the Jew. My works are poison
And so are the wells, wells of my cunning soul and eyes
My daughter and my son. Conversion not the kind of shame

Of which a Jew is capable, a pity this, there are so many
That I can perform, my plays sure to amuse and rouse
The pleasure that you take
But never will they expiate
The tales of terror in dark woods your mother would relate

It's cold here in the forest now, shrouded by the trees
The shadows fail to concern anyone
Nor my gratuitous loyalties. Counting Goldberg variations
And arpeggios I dream of spreading anarchy
And for the last light of the Jew in me, I long, I long.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 10, 2010

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