Asteroid Of Love Poem by Frank Bana

Asteroid Of Love

Rating: 5.0

Like an asteroid
Appearing unexpected in the sky
You collided with my surface, drilled inside.

Arriving with incalculable speed
Out of the void, you shattered the firm crust
Of long-evolved assumptions, cast them wide

Like impelled missiles
Like white hot shooting stars
My feelings sped beyond the curvature

Of the horizon lines
Traced the outer reaches of my mind
Laid bare distant perceptions, unseen shores.

Descending from on high
With fiery tail and steady burning eye
You touched and petrified my earthly core.

So close now, you and I
By time embraced, embedded, unified
Together in the unexpected sky.

Destruction and new light?
With fallout bright, your star transforms
All that was life, that lived in me before.

Onelia Avelar 15 May 2008

I was first attracted by the title - a wonderful metaphor - like an asteroid from space. A celestial love poem :) brought to the earth like piece of asteroid. Very well penned.10x

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Theresa Moore 05 June 2007

Interesting concept...beautiful expression of awakening love.

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Original Unknown Girl 30 April 2007

Frank, this is absolutely stunning. I love the way you've used the galaxy to describe the collision of two souls. The whole thing resonates so deeply as I believe fate brings people together in a fated way whether we expect or not. This is a love story of the tallest order. I'm adding it to my favs, it's so beautiful. HG: -) xx

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Ruby Root 05 September 2006

Hi Frank, Beautiful Poem excellent title too. I think love poems are my favorite. I will always say that. I guess I love the romance. I think everyone should at least experience love once in their life. Great poem, Take care.

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Tailor Bell 05 September 2006

impactful read no less. great descriptions and structure...all well woven. -Tailor B.

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