Because You Wear Gold Poem by Frank Bana

Because You Wear Gold

Rating: 5.0

Sun coming through
A straw hat
Once I had money
Now it is lost
Strange you should be so unconcerned.
Tell me where to look
I have nothing to put my love in for you
Some tell me you are beautiful
There are many things you may not notice
Because you wear gold.

Sandra Fowler 31 July 2007

Excellent write. The last line is especially poignant and meaningful. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

I don't think i got the meaning. does it mean we judge person by their physical wealth? Preets

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Pia Andersson 24 July 2006

Oh this is beautiful - sometimes when I find that a poem have a special beauty I dont want to worry about why, iI will let it be Your poem is painfully beautfiul -Pia

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Ruby Root 07 July 2006

Hi Frank, I think money is not a big concern with people. It is there to survive. If someone only likes you for what you have they are not much of a person. Unless I read your poem wrong but this is how I interpreted your poem. Let me know. Excellent poem and take care.

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