Beyond Love Poem by Frank Bana

Beyond Love

Rating: 5.0

What lies beyond love
Seems to be an unknown country
An unprotected landscape through which run wild
All hearts unguarded

It seems to be a greater love yet
More magnificent than we may ever know
Unless we could dissolve in its purity
And yield our selves for whatever it might be

The only gateway to permanent bliss
Is a sacrifice of self on behalf of greater love
Which is not God exactly but
Something human yet

Of course it is for this love that I long
And the remote possibility of knowing it
Presents me with a reason to live when oblivion
Could be much easier to play with and embrace

I long for whatever lies beyond love
Like the distant lover that I miss
Most endlessly, accepting the pain
Of reaching out but never touching her.

Anita Atina 23 January 2008

Frank, This is an incredible song of love, especially the last stanza. Few people realise that this sweet melancholy is a handmaiden of love too. Best regards, Anita

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Joe Breunig 17 August 2006

Nice write; still in the course of humanity, we struggle with the concept of Love.

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Ruby Root 07 July 2006

Hi Frank, You poem is loving and caring. It is really beautiful. I am assuming you are alone from your poem or maybe it is only a poem. Things could be worse. You could live with someone and they don't care about you. I think that is worse. Maybe I am wrong. Oh well. It is just how I think I guess. Excellent poem. Take care.

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Linda Ori 13 May 2006

You describe the ultimate quest - unconditional, infinite love. Can you find that in another human being, or only within self? Deep, and thought provoking. Linda

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