Frank Bana Poems

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Come Closer To Me

Come closer to me, dearest love,
To secret homes where we belong
Let my embrace be all your world
Our whispers its most perfect song

Cancer Blooms...

Cancer blooms in the corporeal garden
Slow, dreamlike, insistent
Not advertising its next appearance
Choosing at will among the garden’s delights.

At Last....

At last I stand before your eyes
Clothed in shreds of consciousness
To abandon what of me remains
To your first and each succeeding kiss

To Womankind

Womankind, please make up your mind!
You want a man true sensitive
A vulnerable romantic type
Open to his inner self and willing there to live

A Distillation...

Our poem is a distillation
wrung from common and raw elements
unhusked grains of experience

A Space Beautiful

I sleep in a beautiful structure
After years of apartment life
My child shies from all flying insects
My wife says there's mice and there's bees

Beyond Love

What lies beyond love
Seems to be an unknown country
An unprotected landscape through which run wild
All hearts unguarded

Because You Wear Gold

Sun coming through
A straw hat
Once I had money
Now it is lost

Asteroid Of Love

Like an asteroid
Appearing unexpected in the sky
You collided with my surface, drilled inside.

Blind Is The Deepest Love

Blind is the deepest love, where sight gives way to insight
And the wonder of her face is of no consequence

I summon my powers of composition, unswayed by her attraction

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