Disdainfully Delicious Saboteur! Poem by Anita Atina

Disdainfully Delicious Saboteur!

Rating: 5.0

Why do you mockingly gaze at the world
After breaking another rule
As if to say
Now what do you have to say to that?

I will get away with it, again
Because you don’t want to
Stand up to me, and be questioned about
Blindly following society’s rules

Why do you flash that sardonic smile
After another irreverent statement
Makes the audience gasp
Did he really say that, standing up on stage

As they look embarrassed at being
Cooped up in an audience
Where make-believe principles
Parade with lies!

You’re pushing at borders constantly
As if to tempt fate, with a red flag that says
Here I am, come and mess with me
If you dare!

Disdainfully looking at fate’s attempts
To pull you down with
False accusations that do hurt
But you don’t let them lower your glare

So are you experimenting with life
To strip away pretence
Is this discovery
The sole purpose of your journey

I know you revel in being independent
Living it up, everyday
And yet, do shadows lurk,
When you’re alone

Will you let faith and hope
Prepare the bed
For when love
Seeks you out

Will you accept love at all
Or turn it away with that
Worldly-wise cynicism
You wield like a honeyed knife

Courteously slashing away
At ideas and people who make the mistake
Of getting in your way
Do you want to live, alone?

Jim Norausky 15 February 2009

Terrific poem. Well structured with an understandable message. Well done. Jim

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