Discordant Notes Poem by Anita Atina

Discordant Notes

Rating: 5.0

Why is it that we remain tied down in pain

To relationships that have turned cancerous

Is breaking away so difficult

Does fear keep the choice at bay?

Fear of loneliness, what will the neighbours say?

A child’s innocence that you shield from pain

Drifted apart spiritually

But caged in the same home

Attacking each other at the slightest provocation

Scraping a bloody sore, doesn’t change a thing, only deepens the pain

Tried counseling, staying apart, and coming back again

To the same refrain, so what’s to gain?

Accepting that we are different

Not bad people, but may be unsuitable for each other

Even though we fell in love, ages ago

Our differences haven’t melted away, but come to the fore

We are two prongs of a tuning fork

Vibrating at different frequencies

Even if we hit the same base over and over again

We won’t sound the same

These discordant notes

Aren’t going to change

Is breaking away a new beginning

Or just a one way ticket

That sets you free from one cage

Into another lonelier place?

David Harris 29 April 2008

Anita, a poignant message sent out with this beautiful poem. Two heart can fall out of love just as easily as they fell into it. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. David

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David Champion 08 April 2008

Yes...this is a painful dilemma I know all to well, so well expressed...

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Al Ramos 04 April 2008

Such a lullaby two hearts must listens to, to know the pain is the same no matter how you play it.

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Michael Pruchnicki 04 April 2008

Indeed, 'two tuning forks vibrating at different frequencies! ' Vivid imagery from the cancerous pair to discordant tuning forks! Concrete images that convey the underlying emotion - that's poetry!

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Abha Sharma 04 April 2008

emotions are explicitely drawn.., sometimes discordedness may be fatal to a relationship... but the world tunes in different frequeny altogether, , very well expressed...

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