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My poetry seeks clarity, hope and humour.

On some days, a poem is ‘given’ and what a wonderful feeling it is to receive.

That joy grows as I share this precious gift with fellow poets who know what it takes to write poetry that makes us, the poet, happy.

I am an imperfect poet and choose to convey feelings, and the many discoveries of our ...

Anita Atina Poems

The Perception Of Truth

Fact exists, truth needs to be believed

My truth is important to me

Judging Ourselves

We dislike in others, reflections of

The dark shadows of our soul

An Ode To Being Drunk!

Wobbly headed, seeing double, slow to react,

Will my head float away if I don’t hold it down?

By Your Light You Are Known

Your true raiment most refined

Is not made of silk or satin or lace

Spirituality And Sexuality

Spirituality and sexuality are different sides of the same coin

The body is home to both

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 18 September 2017

Very nice poem and very lovely

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