An Ode To Being Drunk! Poem by Anita Atina

An Ode To Being Drunk!

Rating: 4.5

Wobbly headed, seeing double, slow to react,

Will my head float away if I don’t hold it down?

Speech tripping, tongue thickened,

Can I drink anymore!

Eyelids threaten to close as I walk,

The worlds in slow mo,

Sleep beckons with seductive charms,

Can I drink anymore?

I thought drinking was a panacea to forgetfulness,

No one told me that I would remember more vividly,

What brought me to this state in the first place!

Can I drink anymore?

What joy, what sorrow, what bliss,

Is this it?

Drinking to forget and remembering more,

Can I drink anymore?

Danny Archer 30 December 2007

wow i really like the final stanza, tis an awsome poem

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Lungelo Mpatho 29 August 2008

what a great piece you wrote, here! i liked it, smiling at you-

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Ying Escalona 20 January 2008

remember my friend, he got drunk so bad, he stepped forward once but stepped backward he never get home..he is tired and unwitty..he stopped and saw everything around him is he laid..and just wait for his house to come...hahahaha

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Fred Babbin 30 December 2007

Very descriptive. Looks like a first for you.

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Ronald Stroman 30 December 2007

very sobering to me. which i fail to understand when i'm drinkin' to get drunk.. eye enjoyed reading. and that's the sober truth.

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Lynda Robson 30 December 2007

Nice poem Anita, I never know when I've had enough and that is my downfall, and I always say never again, oh well maybe one to let the New Year in with, Happy New Year to you, best wishes Lynda

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