Disease Of The Dogs Poem by Ombuge M Moses

Disease Of The Dogs

Anxiety? Oooh No!
That's a bad disease
It killed the deceased
Love at heart decrease
Thunder hatred descended

Anxiety? Oooh No!
The disease is that bad
People refused to eat
Eating into comrades emotions
They sat patiently awaiting
Anxiety was in the mid- air

Anxiety? Oooh No!
It controlled our emotions
We stopped our motions
Eyes glued to the western box
Ears listened to the notions
Ears becoming numb
Anxiety, making us tremble

Anxiety? Oooh No!
It got people talking day and night
People talking about notions
Notions from the western box
In local language disagreed

Anxiety? Oooh No!
We remained silent
To listen, to hear and react
Imagination to kill and destroy
Came calling for far destiny

My neighbor, Oooh No!
Anxiety cause him catch fire
Fire of sulphur disease inside
His body reacting like sulphur
Immense pleasure of death
Making him tremble with evil
Almost nothing makes sense
Anxiety? Oooh No!
Where is your moral?
You lost a sense of definite
No sense of true self at all?

Anxiety? Oooh No!
That is the disease of anxiety
It left people with dead emotions
It grew in our hearts like weeds
Making us heavy.
Heavy with hatred.
Heavy for carrying
Carrying teenage anxiety
Deep in our hearts

Anxiety? Oooh No!
We easily forgot ourselves
Picking heavy words
Tagging to our neighbour's face
The neighbour in return feels heavy
Heavy at the heart
Pregnant with hatred
Conceived by teenage anxiety

This anxiety, Oooh No!
It is the disease of the dogs
At night dogs on duty
Barking, scaring and attacking
Any suspect to be an enemy
Enemy on the run in the dark hour
At day, friendly and sleepy
No sulphur anxiety inside the dog
Anxiety has died
Oooh No!
The disease of the dog

Anxiety leaves space at the heart
Love beckons at the heart
The interview of the mind and the heart
The love for my neighbour
Anxiety is gone by the wind
Far away from humanity
Love has side effect

Anxiety? Oooh Yes!
It made us stand the need for unity
We had to learn it
Learning how to live
Living in unity harmoniously
Learning how to love,
Loving our Great Country
Learning how to appreciate
Appreciating our country leaders.
For teenage anxiety has gone
The disease of the dogs
God Bless her Citizens and leaders
Kenyans we stand undivided.

I wrote this poem during the previous general elections in my country after a long wait for the release of the results and the court case but all in all anxiety was in the air but we thank God we learned how to calm ourselves without violence in regard to the 2007-2008 election that was marred with post election violence.
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