Lying To A Gentle Poem by Ombuge M Moses

Lying To A Gentle

BY Ombuge Moses

You wasted my time
So sweet you sound
Closer you got
Romantic you seemed
Convinced I was
The shore was beauty
Time we spent
Hands to hold
Beauty to hold
Beautiful was the beach
You claimed to love
Love to burn
Burn to death
My time you waste

Lying to a gentle
Gentle-man he is
To you he cherished
You broke my heart
A heart I treasure
You promised to love
Love with care
Stand by side
Now you are gone
Sweet ugly you sound
Trying to be
A friend to waste

My time to cost
Valuable I adore
One day to pay
I stop not to you
A lie you are
Forever to twist
A bangle you placed
My hand to hold
Your name the key
Black to white
White to reflect
Your love material
Sweet ugly you sound

The machete in my hand
My hand to chop
Your bangle to dump
Forever to forget
The pain to last
You waste my time
Ugly sweet you sound
Lying to a gentle
Now I rest
Forever to peace

Jide Pounds Ibitoye 01 September 2011

Cool write up, i love ur composition, ....

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