Disown And Detain Poem by Venkatesh Davangere

Disown And Detain

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If you stare at me with love and kindness
you would see my eyes sparkling with more love and kindness
But, if you stare at me with your ego and pride
prejudiced with; you are strong and I am weak
you would still see my eyes with love and kindness
But, you'd never know I disowned you from my world.

If you are very nice to me
for your own hidden altruistic reasons
and at the same time you are rude and intolerant
for the innocence souls walking with the hope of help,
you would still see me reciprocate to you
to your hidden agendas, unabashedly.
But, you'd never know I disowned you from my world.

If your rich and powerful; influential perhaps
and still would want my friendship,
I extend my gratitude and make friendship with you.
Still, you are away from my world,
not because you are bad or evil to me
but I believe, your soul is contaminated
by the money that your fathers and forefathers made
had made you more greedy than them!

And, when we seemingly walk with aimlessly
shrouded with illusion that we both are happy
to walk like a friends or lovers,
And yet, if you are reckoning the steps and expecting
a destination inside,
I would still walk with you without reservations
as long as you can expect me to walk with glad,
But, you'd never know I disowned you from my world.

And, since I know that this world is full of imperfections
And, that it has included me a long time before
it had introduced to me it's true face.
I often take sabbatical for a weak or more
just to detain myself from this evil world
And forget, how many times I had thought
about myself to detain myself!

Disown And Detain
Jazib Kamalvi 15 March 2020

Write comment. Such a nice poem, V. D. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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