***distant Lovers Poem by hari khabrani

***distant Lovers

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***Distant Lovers***

In Your Arms

Chapter 1 Distant Lovers

Rani: Are you falling in love with me?
Rex: We both are in love through our writing the poems
Rani: yes
Rex: So let us start writing poems as love poems through
conversations too.
Rani: Rex just do me a favor never ever fall in love with me in truth
Rex: Until you do not say you too love me
Rani: Oh my!
Rex: Really!
Rani: Ok let’s start now in writing poems.
Rex: Yes always.
We come close every time as poem,
End in our conversation as poem.
Rani: Okay.
Rex: We behave as poem between us.
Never have anything else or the language ever we use is poem
but a poem
Rani: O love. How would my life be without you,
for my heart seeks for you:
As the sun rises and retires at dusk?
Rex: I never ever away from you,
I was close to you:
As hand in hand.
Rani: My heart longs for you as my eyes open in the light of the sky.
Rex: As happens too to me.
Rani: your sweet lips I yearn in the morning dew.
Rex: I feel wet in them from your lips.
Rani: As I rise upon the bed I yearn thy warmth to hold me close
to your chest.
Rex: That non else but me and I too feel alike
Yours chastity on me.
Rani: Could be it possible to ask the goddess of love to bless us with
so much love?
Rex: We are already blessed of and therefore are combined and feel
alike dear,
Not separated
Rani: That our sweet romance will never fade in the azure of trials
Rex: Trials always failed in such plight of affairs of blessed
Rani: Will remain together like the moon and stars
Rex: As we are blessed
Rani: Dating each other even in the blanket of night
Rex: No change
Rex: Night is ours and blanket is ours as blessed to beneath love
Rani: O love, my dear you are my soul
Rani: My only dream
Rex: Dreams have already come true
Rex: No more dreams we need
Rex: But practical’s we have already done
Rex: As we blessed of
Rani: As we are blessed of by the gods
our love will fly in unison up above the horizon
with wonderful colors of true love
I ask you my love never ever break my heart
for I will die if you do tear me apart
for I will only live for you, only for you my love

Rex: No renditions ever come one the heart is the same of
love and love and when ever with love
Fulfils every where the nectar of love
Colours of love
Show up with love
Emphasize only love
Emphatic to love
And only emanating love only love
Dear do you understand me and my love to you
For you would never ever cry
Rani: Yes! I do
Rex: You have now filled me with your love blood flourishing in your heart and veins;
For me and only for me
Rani: Yes for you and only you my love,
my world will be yours as I close my eyes
Every beat that my heart takes your name it says
Every breathe i take yours it claims
Dear, darling, honey or love
Words are not enough to express what i feel for you inside
Rex: Your aloud and in valleys and airs this claim makes accrediting love between us
and accepts the sky as love from heart of heart love dear
Every breeze speaks our love and fragrance
Aroma wide spreading in the world
That there existed real and blessed love never separated on any trials
Rani: Oh! I love you so much my dear
Rex: Undoubtedly
Rani: Carry my heart in fragile like state
Rex: I am grasping as mine
holding as delicate as the heart
flourishing blood of love
Rani: And our love will be in the beautiful garden
Rex: And you do have already my as possession
Rani: Blooming in the blessedness of forever

Co-written by: Catrina Heart

PS: As we have come up with the poem and song of “In Your Arms”. We are now in the first stage of making of a script or perhaps will turn out as a short novel in God’s blessing...Unfinished! still have to be edited....The story line have been created few days ago. We are now offering you the dialogues of our craft. Suggestions, we welcome most.


Catrina Heart 06 April 2009

Half finished! Just a page from the story of 'IN YOUR ARMS'............The story line had been built. Now we are creating the dialogues....Hope you'll enjoy reading the dialogue parts....Like Shakespearean act the modern 'Romeo and Juliet'.... Thanks! ! ! Suggestions are all welcome! Hope this will come out as a nice book! ! !

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