hari khabrani Poems

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***i Love You Sweetheart.

My love for you runs deeper then the sea
No place on earth I'd rather be
In your arms is where I belong
My heart my desires passions so strong;

***a First True Love

You are my heart,
which will always remain with me.
I envy our sweet true love,
a love that will last through eternity.

'***find Beauty

Anxious see the beauty of face, carry a mirror in front!
Nothing doing, no work no walk.......
Only beauty of mind experiential and enjoyable,
Fortunate, if you have beautiful mind states,

***just Let Me Love You! ! !

As I love you
Put in feelings of love to you
Feelings become unending
Days, nights and years together

***for You

With you I got everything-
What a friend that, I see in you.
With you I feel perfect-
What a friend that, I learn from you.

***a Friend In Me

My joys I share to you
This moment
I am giving it to you
My smiles my laugthers


Huge amount of intensity,
Physically, emotionally and personally,
Surprisingly, makes more romantic
A very caring, takes care of even little things

***for Give


Anger is usual, plain as that
One loves that fight, it is a fact
Otherwise how the love raises;
We mortal beings know how:

***my Eyes Caught You..

Another picture cute and more charming
More friendly than the first you
Liked it this time
With spectacles than the darker shade

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