***my Eyes Caught You.. Poem by hari khabrani

***my Eyes Caught You..

Rating: 2.6

Another picture cute and more charming
More friendly than the first you
Liked it this time
With spectacles than the darker shade
Puts the man sure enough as your name
In poems as the picture fixed in
Same forehead and cheeks
Though less weight
Confirmed as YOU.............
In your home page
Both the photos look of the same person
Will take those beards off first, erased
Sure and confirm precisely
Unless if u have an identical twins
I wouldn’t know who’s who
You said “Rub your eyes once again!
And put wide open eyes and distinguish who is who”
With the same nose
Protruded cheek bones
Same length of forehead sparkling through age
“Further....are you still with wide open eyes
In recognizing either photo”
You required in identification
Heart recognizes same smile, same chin
More with fine lines of age
The lips of man in the photos
Were both thin and kissable
Only the first photo was a man of pride and confidence
The second one is a man of charm
Like a lead actor on a movie
Cute and reminds me of one person I also admire.

(Co-written with Catrine Heart)

Chitra - 22 May 2009

definitely a wonder write...another example which testifies for the value of seamless collaboration good job Uncle and Catrina Ma'am

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Naidz Ladia 21 May 2009

ok, , , this is very nice..i like this, ', caught by your eyes', , , lolz..a very wise piece..this is really nice..

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Catrina Heart 20 May 2009

Its an honour and overwhelming feeling to do an instanteous poem with you my friend........Wishing you best always! ! !

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