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My love for you runs deeper then the sea
No place on earth I'd rather be
In your arms is where I belong
My heart my desires passions so strong;

As I love you
Put in feelings of love to you
Feelings become unending
Days, nights and years together

Huge amount of intensity,
Physically, emotionally and personally,
Surprisingly, makes more romantic
A very caring, takes care of even little things

Anger is usual, plain as that
One loves that fight, it is a fact
Otherwise how the love raises;
We mortal beings know how:

You are my heart,
which will always remain with me.
I envy our sweet true love,
a love that will last through eternity.

My joys I share to you
This moment
I am giving it to you
My smiles my laugthers

She: Thank you,
Good night sleep my friend area
Sweet dreams in the air.

Maan hik,
Put tre(Three)
Par Nasib Pahinjo Pahinjo;

With you I got everything-
What a friend that, I see in you.
With you I feel perfect-
What a friend that, I learn from you.

Another picture cute and more charming
More friendly than the first you
Liked it this time
With spectacles than the darker shade

Love lasts ever
And love of poems last ever between us
To love lasts ever of genuine work
And lover poets existed ever and there

Hari: Oh! My Barbie of child-hood
Ours childhood dreams
Below the twinkling stars,
sitted together with future plans,

Where I discontinued my flute
I remember your name
A B C D & again C D A

Anxious see the beauty of face, carry a mirror in front!
Nothing doing, no work no walk.......
Only beauty of mind experiential and enjoyable,
Fortunate, if you have beautiful mind states,

Ludhak na tu ghadh
na ko ee ludhakan waro chawain;

too t ahin asin khil te,

Wait & see the things come for
Bad or worst,
To let them as assigned:

Astound feelings
Beloved feels,
At long last
love he knows;

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Life's real factors faced of and imgination when assemble, a poem finds real placement, hence pick up pen & poem's formation.)

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***i Love You Sweetheart.

My love for you runs deeper then the sea
No place on earth I'd rather be
In your arms is where I belong
My heart my desires passions so strong;

To be with you my love sharing moments
Endless in time gentle calm as the ocean
Filled with mysteries and emotions
Captivating my every senses and notions;

The treasures of love so genuine
Is what sweetheart in you I have found
I am your best friend lover all you need
For you I will be in all the love I feel;

Your my dream come true
To weather the storm skies grey or blue
A piece of heaven on earth gifts
And treasures I will forever cherish;

I love you Sweetheart,
From the bottom of my heart.

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yellowbell alamanda 22 July 2009

first love always feel like that...as i read the piece the smile just draw in my lips...everybody could remember thier first love.nice! keep writing! good luck

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Catrina Heart 19 April 2009

A poet who has an exceptional natural ability to compose poems instantaneously...Adaptable in any forms of poetry, from enigmatic verses to an unfussy love poems written in fine poetic language with great imagination about creativity of words and colours......... A great man and a friend! ! !

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