Distracting Distractions Distracting Poem by Paul Brookes

Distracting Distractions Distracting

not enough thought.
a remonstrance.

not enough mentation, deliberation,
deliberately deliberating debates.

chaos rules in twisted convolution,
my gardens messy but colourful.
weeds may flourish but so too do roses...........

who wants perfection anyway?

punctuation as you see is ad hoc, crochety diverse.
the reader needs to do some work themselves
convolvulus coils, constant snake trails,
trailing to bite bitter harsh acrimonious disputes.

words taste like lemon drops recalling childhood.
threepenny bits for gobstoppers which lasted a week,
barley twist an unbelievable orange puree sunset.

weakly wondering if we dilute bad memories to make them more palatable;
sweetening the good to enhance their beauty.
cushion the blows so we don't pick the scabs,
hide them at the bottom of the garden in the undergrowth.

life like a cataract flows an unending stream of consciousness
even when sleeping, we dream dark desires or rewritten histories.

in the end it's your garden plant it as you wish.

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