Paul Brookes Poems

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Ludicrous Is Love

thin arc of bowed buttermilk moon shines like a sliver of cheese.

scudding silver sails of cloud elude capture
as the stars look down miffed and mysterious,

Times A Wasting

The future ain't what it used to be',
well the days get longer but the years shorter.
the cliched light at the end of the tunnel gets nearer;

Musical Drips

rains incessant
all morning falls
skies fifty shades of grey
the gutters overflow, a Niagara

A Lazy Poem Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Slow, snow, go, well it rhymes at least.
a rest of a least twenty minutes is now required.
too much to write.
is everybody's a two minute wonder I wonder

Homage To The Romantics

life graphs of ups and downs a chains of reason to capture man
to lose his very innocence
made mental madnesswith a circle of woven ice,
to freeze the fevered brain.

After Its Over

What I miss about before, are hugs,
now we live hermetically sealed.

what I miss most about before, are smiles


I learned a lesson early,
don't be seen.
wrap up tight into a hedgehog ball
spikes, spikes, spikes.

We Are What We Are

sorry you are so underwhelmed,
the poet crashes from pedestal to earth
so a simple matter, we impact then smash, shall we rise again?

Green Man Lie Within

all along the maypole the green mans face appears;
words and pages woven in pagan practices.
midsummer madness and particoloured fools
Morris and nine men dance bells a jingling

Hope Is All We Have

oft times I'm accused of bitterness,
well, I maybe a tad world weary, that I'll admit to
and many a time disappointed
that's not bitter, just life experience.

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