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Djangar 10 Song About The Fight Of Mingian With Han Kyurmen - Poem by Yuri Starostin

10 Song
About the fight of Mingian with han Kyurmen
During a time, when to gloryfy the plentiful arzy,
The cliques rattled of the all bogatyr family,
Djangar told, being not ashamed some sudden tear:
'We are happy today, my friends, -
Tomorrow, perhaps, the people of the sacred Bumba
Will be crushed by a foreign heel.
Know: the country of powerful han Kyurmen lies
Under the right corner of the descendent sun beams.

His army consists only the athletes.
Once he has subdued to himself the tribes
Of han Uzjunga -of my native father.
Nowadays, when to glorify in the states of all of the world
My name, my state, -
He has begun hate my loud glory.
He speaks: ' Djangar is too glorified
On the hilly terrestrial stronghold, the unique son
Of the warrior, subdued by me once '.
The lord has conceived to win the Bumba, -
It is necessary to us to take han Kyurmen in the capture '.
Sitting on the right, Altan Tsedzhi has exclaimed:
'Who will go behind him? Noyon, show! ' -
'Nice Mingian will go, -the nojon told. -
The base singer of a bogatyr feast, Mingian,
The first handsome man of the under-moon world, Mingian,
You will depart on the strong solovy horse,
You will lead live Kyurmen to me! '

Mingian said, removing the gold shishak:
'Remember, Djangar, I come to you by the orphan,
Thrown the ancestral lands, the people and the herds.
You, having made happy me, told then:
'There you will be the gentle delight of my fighters,
There you will be the first of the first my singers...'
Here it, Djangar, mine absent of a relationship has affected!
Why you have dared to send me alone
In the foreign country, having forgotten about my orphanhood!
I have nobody under this moon,
The mighty opponent will drive away me from the world.
Yah! Neither a sisters, nor a brothers I have not, -
That would leave together, meeting me,
That would give to drink the cap of the tea to me! '
And he begun to sob, obsess by the grief.

'Oh leader singer of the Bumba, handsome man Mingian! -
The voice of Altan Tsedzhi was distributed in the staff. -
You go, do not shiver for the destiny.
If you will cope - you will grasp live Kyurmen,
But you will not cope - having your fine gift
You will be the first of the first singers even in the capture! '

Mingian has lifted, hearing the words of the old man,
The yellow bowl: a seventy strong fighters
Hardly will lift it! The araka rustles
In the mighty body, the arm is clenched in a fist, -
He shouted, be violent, to the fighting friends:

'If I will spill my bogatyr blood -
The earth will be enriched by the one draught,
My bones dried up in a far-away country -
It will be enriched by the ashes handful of all...
Hey, horse breeder, runaways faster on the meadows,
Hey, horse breeder, saddle Altan Sharga
And rein here my racer! '

Solovy ran in the fragrant grasses, at a cold of the pure waters.
The horse breeder lead him
And has saddled at the scaly light doors.
The kind racer is equipped under the country laws.
Here Mingian farewell the noyon of the countries.
Having listened a wishes of the bogatyrs,
Smelling sweet, as a lotus in the flower,
Nice Mingian has jumped on a horse hurry.
Mingian has passed a barrow-pass, -
He notice the hillock. He stopped on it,
Has dismounted, has seat before the solovy horse,
Adhered the bridle to a saddle and begun to sob.
He sees: something blackens in a steppe fog.
This Tsedzhi rushes on his Ulman.
Knowing him in all states of the world!
Here the floors of the beshmet flutter
Over a racer, the beard flutters...

'Poor my Mingian, - he told, - go here'
And, seating him on the right knee,
Kissed Mingian on the right cheek,
And, seating him on the left knee,
Kissed Mingian on the left cheek.
'I will help you, darling Mingian, - he told. -
I will fence you, nice singer, from a trouble.
Travelling for the ninetieth days
You will meet the first enemy, - he say -
He is a heavenly camel, Havsal to calling.
If he creaks by the teeth, chewing a food, -
Radiates in a mouth a ten-tongue fire.
Here, bogatyr, and your skill is necessary:
You should point a mortal blow!

Further you will gallop three months across the field,
You will be noticed the three stately poplar.
The five hundred daughters-in-law and maidens coming to you.
They have the viands on one thousand different tastes,
The faces -of the sacred ones, but the hearts -of the shulmuses at them!
The exit is one: not looked at the beauties women,
Let the rein of a horse free - Altan Sharga:
He already knows how to carry away from the enemy.

A three months pass further, - you will meet in the steppe
The two yellow-wing awful wasps... Do
Exactly as do before: give a freedom to Altan Sharga,
Remember: your life is darling to Solovy.
If you living will reach to the staff of the enemy -
Remember: the one maiden lives at Kyurmen,
The servant of the han-woman. You can open to her: she is
The Djangar relative and the han daughter.
You should see her: is able to help! '

So the clairvoyant has told. Having put at first
To a white forehead a sacred mirde-talisman,
Wise Tsedzhi has said such words:
'Yes you will turn, on the customs of the ancestors, Mingian,
The gold rein of a horse. Having won the fight,
Yes you will come back in Bumba, your country! '

The bogatyrs have sat down on the mighty horses.
The wise seer was started up in the way back.
The quick Solovy has rushed on, having stuck a breast out,
Not noticing a nights, not counting a days,
Dividing a grass in a two part by the force of the breathing .
The red dust has risen, has streched in the blue color.

So the bogatyr has galloped the ninety days.
The time approached to the noon. Mingian has seen:
The heaven camel Havsal rushes to him,
The ten fires blazes in a huge mouth.
Quick Solovyj, obsessing by the horror,
Has stopped, all in the cold dew.

Mingian has lifted the head of a racer Sharga,
Has adhered the gold rein to the saddle,
Has run with a black lash on the enemy.
Havsal tried on the right side to seize Mingian, -
Mingjan has rushed to the left and had appeared top
Between the two humps by the one jump.
Havsal is turned the muzzle on the right, -
Then the bogatyr bends to the left.
Havsal is turned the muzzle on the left, -
Then the bogatyr bends to the right.
Mingjan has taken out a death-bearing sword from the sheath,
Has waved by the steel - the forehead of a camel is smashed,
It falls with a blood-stained head.
Here he has covered the half of the century steppe,
Fencing the ninety rivers.
More likely to pass, the bogatyr has cut
The head; having cut the humps, has fried then
And, having feeted, has gone by a former way.

Exactly the three months he rushed across the field.
Three stately poplar he were noticed.
The girls, the wives leave from a shade to him.
They bear the viands, and the singing reaches to him:
'The hunger, elder our brother, you satisfy,
You is will extinguished the great fire of the thirst! '
Remembered Mingian the reasonable words of the aged man,
Has given the will to Solovy. Sewing at the first,
As having got a fright, Altan Sharga,
Has recoiled on the two steps in the imaginary horror,
Has jumped eleven thousand times on the sky,
He has jumped eleven thousand times down to the ground,
Do not allowed to come round to the wives, he disappeared from the sight!

And the devil-woman repeated in the disappointment then:
'We stood on roads in an ambush always,
The whole tyumen came - we captured the tyumen,
The ten tyumen - and took away that in a captivity.
If he has managed to surpass us by the dexterity,
If he has managed to leave - let on a way
Will not meet any more a barriers, will not meet
An ambushes, safely yes will come back! '

And, glorifying the founder of his Bumba,
Further Mingjan has rushed on. When the goer
Has come to the purpose nearer for a ninety days,
The rain has dripped. The breeze has trembled,
The spangles were scattered an iridescent strip,
And, being continuously interchanged the positions, the clouds
In the distance, the two black clouds went on the sky
And turned in the two yellow wings wasps.

'The seer warned about it me', -
Remembered Mingian. He has released the reins of a horse,
And his gold-hair has jumped.
The wasps tried to sting him from below -
He did upwards the eleven thousand jumps.
The wasps tried to sting him from above -
He did downwards the eleven thousand jumps.
Being exhausted, the yellow wasps have fallen down then
From the height, injure their stomachs.
Mingian ordered to a horse to come back to them.
And he betray the yellow-wings creatures to the fire.

And, having prayed to the creator of the darling country,
The warrior has thought: 'The victory! Now the foes are not terrible
Named by the sacred old man...'
And he has pulled the belts of a gold bridle,
And the stallion fly on, as a thrown clod.
Passing the twelve-day of the fast driving
The horseman has seen the bald mountain suddenly
With the white top, the face turned on the south.

The horseman has climbed up upward, stretched the chumbur,
Has bent the feet of the Solovki, has looked at the earth
By the shrill sight of the merlin eyes.
He see: the tower rises, similar to an eagle,
Under the angle of the coming beams,
The windows from the fiery glass are shone
Before the flight of a straightened wing,
And the domes rest in a firmament...
'Who the owner of a tower, - Mingian has thought, -
Probably, too the one of the masters of the countries,
Probably, too the one of the mighty lords,
Probably, too he is brave, rich and great.
Unless I can win such enemy? '
So questioning, fine Mingian cried.
The large tears flew - an earning for an earring.

The giant has descended from white top, at last.
He has released Altan Sharga.
To waters of cool keys, on green open space.
Has pulled out the sandal trunk and has burn the fire,
Has welded the tea, covered the canopy over himself,
And, having reddened, as a honeysuckle, the warrior has fallen asleep
And he was stretched on the earth, as an entire belt.
And a young powerful dream, speaking,
Lasted then a forty nine days on turn.

The continue followed…

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