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Do We Live, Or Do We Not?

Give me peace of mind so divine one can search a life time to never find, but in a dream my slumber brought the answer to this sleepless thought: do we live, or do we not? To think of all the worldly things flaunting the pyrite prize it brings undermining, insidiously clipping off our angel wings... For fool's gold deriving from the Greek puritēs that which is 'of fire, or in', but none the less sad to confess many hearts still cling to this... Life? Or imprisonment, slavery twisted and disguised you see to make you feel like you are free...Living? Or falling fool, victims to pretentious rule teaching us these lies in school disciples with a useless tool... I digress, do we live or do we not? Take this home as food for thought the answer which my slumber brought was and is, and is to come. Holy, holy is the son who breaks all chains and knows all sin yet calls by names if you're lost pick up your cross and follow him the truth, the way, the light!
Resurrect from the death that is thought to be life and LIVE AT LAST!

Jonathan Maldonado 08 January 2014

Thank you! I post with my phone and some times it makes it hard to post it how I'd like it to be thank you though I appreciate your feedback.

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Jonathan Maldonado 23 October 2013

Excuse the positioning I posted via my phone couldn't make it nice and grouped how I would've wanted

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