Do You?

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What do you hear?
Do you hear the sound of thunder
Or pitter patter of rain
Or roar of howling wind
Do you hear the waves
Breaking on the beach
Do you hear the ants marching?
Do you hear the bird’s wing beating
Do you hear the child crying
What do you see?
Do you see the sun’s first rays
Illuminating clouded skies
Do you see the whale
Spouting high in the air
Do you see bridges crossing rivers
Do you see the silver slug trail
And the eaten leaf
Do you see humanity’s grief
What do you feel?
Do you feel the shaking ground
As the train runs past so loud
Do you feel the heat
Of mid day sun shining all around
Do you feel the worm turning
In it’s hole beneath your feet
Do you feel the thronging crowd
Pulsing and shouting angry sounds
Do you feel inside your heart
They are all one and the same
Playing many parts?

Marci Made 10 July 2007

Yes, I do believe that what's in our 'hearts' determines how we feel about everything in life, including all the wonders in this lovely poem...Favorites for me, the children and of course the waves....usually the sun, but not like today on the third day of high 90s and melt to the ground humidity...Ah summer in New England, just another day.....actually the whole US this week.....I've been waiting for a new write from you David and this did not disappoint me,, marci.xo

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Patricia Gale 10 July 2007

Profound... many thoughts come to mind as I read this well penned piece. Captures the readers mind...

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Ernestine Northover 10 July 2007

Fascinating write David, a thought provoking poem very well produced. Liked it lots. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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