Do You Love Me? Poem by Andrew Rose

Do You Love Me?

You say that you love me,
but do you really love me,
will you ever forget me,
will you always miss me,
will apart of you always love me,
what would you do for my love,
would you end your life,
would you end anothers,
would you run away from home,
would you run to me?

Do i matter more than anything else to you,
am i always on your mind or not far away from your thoughts,
If i died tommorow would you turn a blind eye or break down in tears,
If i moved away would you strive to contact me,
If i needed you in the middle of the night,
would you get up and come to me?

You say that you love me,
but is this just a stage,
will you move on from this and never look back,
or am i a monument on your fair life's track?

You say that you love me,
but do you want this to end,
do you want us to part and never say Hello again,

If you truly love me,
which i hope that you do,
Then youll come running,
because my love,
I need you...

Callie Shaw 25 December 2009

oooh romantic poem who is it for, huh?

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Rose Preston 15 April 2007

Damn good Andrew ^^; It's sad too because it makes me think of myself so much - it's made me want to write a poem now xD

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Carike Klokow 04 April 2007

Very deep and emotional poem. Did enjoy it alot. Its a terrible feeling when we dont know if the person we would give our all to, feels the same. Sumtimes the words i love you can save lives hey. Very nicely done.

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