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You are with her,
And she is with you.
And it is with this,
That my pain grew.

You shrug it off,
You turn your head,
Deny the truth,
And leave me for dead.


I guess,
When you think about it,
People like to be lost.
Away from the problems onto which they were tossed.

I guess,
You could call this,
A suicide note.

Only my friends,
Can save me,
Only they can make me see
I’ve got something to live for.


It is funny,
When you think about it,
How opinions can change.

I was your fleeting fantasy,
And I came when you called.

But now, my tormentor,

I'm sitting on a time bomb,
Lets call it my life.
I'm sitting on the sidewalk,
While fingering the knife.

If being in love was an option,
I wouldn’t love you.

And it's not,


Can never be true,
For that is what I thought,
I felt for you.


The barbed wires
Of your memory
Strangle me in tears.
I feel the world crumble around my head,

My heart is heavy as led,
Just walking through a fog.
Everything seems clear..
And then I raise my head.

When tears no longer speak the story,
And yelling can’t release the pain.
It’s when words are too little,
And smiles too few.

A gnawing in my gut,
That constant pain,
I'd lasted so long -
abstinence hard to sustain.

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Dead Inside

You are with her,
And she is with you.
And it is with this,
That my pain grew.

You say to move on,
But I just give in.
To see you with her
Kills me within.

The shards of my life,
Lay broken on the ground.
And it is with her,
True love is found.

It isn’t me you love,
It isn’t me you need.
It never will be..
And now you are freed.

Freed of obligation,
Freed of ties,
Freed of being honest,
When all else is lies.

I know you love her,
I know it’s true,
I should be happy
Just to please you.

So here I am,
The pain I try hide,
But, I know that you know,
That I’m dead inside.

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