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A temporary man
be a good distraction
when filled with action

He lives a life alone on his floating kingdom,
A Dutch barge of immaculate neatness.
Barry left a life of greed and falsehoods
Many years ago

It was wonderfully fat,
squashy to the touch.
I liked the feeling very much
as I held it softly in my heart

Dollie, petite, slim and with hair that flows blondely
And wildly, in a kind of disorderly fashion
About her small shoulders.
A smile to welcome and calm even a bulldog.

You little dumpling...

So fluffy and endearing,
floating on that sea of brown,

Diesel and dust,
flaking castles and roses, and spots of rust.
Who said living on a narrow boat
would be glamorous?

Dennis, you've got to go.

I don't know who you are
or where you came from.

Long gone.......

Moving on
to better things.

It's a community spirit.
A matter of giving
to those living

His 'n' hers
corned beef hash.

Got the mash

Sean is not a sheep
to be shorn.

Don't be woolly-headed, mate.

He said:

'I'm only a man.
Can't multi-task.

There are a whole lot of holes
in Bletchley.

On the whole.

I asked a dog-walker for the short cut
to the local centre shop.
She told me 'Walk to the village green
then turn right. A skip and a hop.'

Two muntjac
and a security guard.
Well-tended lawns.

I will cross that line
between then and now,
past and present.

One day I'll go back to Coalville
and whisper you a hello.

I'll see again those twinkling blue eyes,

A happy lot, us Sad Bastards.
We raise our glasses
Kick some asses
Laugh, tell rude jokes

They're flaky,
those sad legs.
They need a woman's touch
so very much.

You stand like a lily amongst weeds,
sowing the seeds
of joy and beauty.
Mayhem all around

Francesca Johnson Biography

Happily living in a world of truths and open-ness.......nothing rocks my boat any more. Except my man.....)

The Best Poem Of Francesca Johnson

A Temporary Man

A temporary man
be a good distraction
when filled with action
of the physical sort,
a real sporty sport.
Any port in a storm,
so they say.


a permanent man
be a true mate,
her best friend
who's willing to lend
a helping hand
day or night,
do what's right,
hold her tight
and just love her,
and love her,
and love her.........forever.

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Trucker Jeff 05 July 2006

All righty then...Franceca, did you step on an egg?

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Ruby Root 13 July 2006

Hi Francesca, I don't think there is one poem I disliked. You are creative, compassionate, and unique writer. I enjoy your poem site. Take care.

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alice sunderland 12 October 2006

luv your stuff. havent had time to read it all but i will. im a bit crap on computers, so hope this gets to you.luv alan/alice.

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George P. Stasiuk 14 November 2006

Impressive, thoughtful, intense, loving, sometimes angry words pervade your work. You have a terrific handle on the human condition. Thanks for sharing your work with all of us and kudos. George, with love to the author

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Alfredo Jacques 28 November 2006

I just wanted to say I like the poems' a walk in the park' and 'a two person world' They aare just the two I read. I look forward in reading more. thanks for sharing your words.

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Sid John Gardner. 27 November 2012

One of the all time greats on this site. Has imagination, flair, creativity and wit In fact a great all round poet.

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Bob Blackwell 11 August 2007

Shes a wonderful poet, and one of my favourite ones. She writes with a lot of feeling and has that knack to convey it to the reader. Keep writing Francesca as I love what you write. Bob

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Sallie Howson 02 May 2007

that's the most amusing bio i've i will have to read the poetry :)

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Writing always from the hip or the heart or both; variously engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking, wistful, funny, clever, spirited, erudite. Always top rank. And a beautiful person too, inside and out. I remain a Number One fan. t x

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Sue Ann Simar 18 April 2007

Let's all join Hands,1,2,3,4. Francesca's a winner, hands down-! (see her Hands poems) ,

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