Dogwood Tree Poem by Randy McClave

Dogwood Tree

The Dogwood tree was chosen
With its branches strong and interwoven,
It's timber was used for Christ's crucifixion
For his crime and then his conviction.
Now for its shame and the use of its wood
Building with it no longer is any good,
God was distressed how the dogwood was used
No longer would another wrist or ankle be bruised.
The dogwood again never would be a great tree
Because of the pain and the agony,
It will now forever be small, twisted and slender
To the harsh wind it will always surrender.
Never again will the dogwood be used to build
As a promise to God was fulfilled,
But, the dogwood tree has also been blessed
As its task has been professed.
The petals of the dogwood now form a cross
In remembrance of man's greatest loss,
In the middle of the flower has a grouping of brown
In remembrance of the kings thorny crown.
The tip of each dogwood flower are also dented
As the nails in the wrists and ankles is documented,
The color on the flower there is a drop of red
In remembrance of Jesus our Lord who had bled.
God gave the dogwood tree those few traits
In remembrance of that unforgettable date,
The dogwood tree will never forget
How our Lord and Savior for us was crucified on it.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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