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Don'T Admire Me - Poem by Bragg Adocio

Don't Admire Me

Admiration is the emotion farthest from comprehension,
So keep your awe tucked away deep. Waste your time somewhere else until you've learned to really look at Me.

What do you see? Beneath my smile lies miles and miles of cracked roads to places that no longer exist. Population of nowhere; 3; Me, Myself, and I. So you can imagine I have plenty of people to talk to in this small town where everyone knows your name.

Still that doesn't stop Me from feeling like I betrayed him. Or that Myself is a little too self centered and self assured, at least on the outside, but nobody knows that he sometimes closes his eyes when he changes lanes, or drives too close to the curb because, when he's alone in the car, he contemplates jumping over it into on-coming traffic.

I knows this, but stays rooted in denial and puts on a happy face for the world. Like the classic motherly figure who hides their family's skeletons under the facade of a stable suburban home, drenched with the belief that if you lie to yourself long enough, even You might believe it.

But You can't fool a skeptic like Me, who likes to analyze and tear down false truths in search of deepest darkest secrets, maybe so he can figure out how to hide his own just that much better. So I becomes a target, and is quickly shown to be self destructive and broken, plotting against the other two, thinking of how to take over the town. 

I understand Myself... But sometimes it's as if I don't even see Me in the mirror. The supposed logical one, Who balances the other two in a fragile triforce. And that's when things get hectic, when I don't see Me, I panic, and I lose Myself, and I can't think, and we close our eyes at 55 miles per hour and turn! !

Then we open our eyes, still alive, slightly disappointed, but relieved to see that Me took the wheel, the logical one, the stable one, the one who never cries...... on the outside. But even someone like Me has to put on a strong face, because even I know where he goes from time to time, when stress just builds up too much pressure. That's why I tell Myself; 'Dont admire Me. He's no better than we are. You just have to dig a little deeper to understand him, because he would have closed his eyes too, if he knew he was the only one in that car.'

So keep your admiration to yourself until you've really learned to look at Me, all of me, and decide then whether or not I'm worth it. Don't admire me, don't pity me, don't do anything until you've learned to look at Me.   

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

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