Casey Gochnour

Freshman - 731 Points (June 14,1994)

Don'T Let Go - Poem by Casey Gochnour

He’s come and gone, the hero of the past,
Don’t fret, it’s not forever, that love will always last.
It may not be the strongest or you may not want it to,
But here’s the thing, I’ve got something to tell you.

He might not have been the greatest, he might not have been the best,
You may not feel so blessed and it might make you depressed,
But baby, look at you, with all that he’s been, look at you! It was a plan,
Not by him, but God, and now it’s my turn to be your man.

I’m not saying I could take his place, I would never want to,
I’m just saying that I’m here for you and everything you want to do!
I’ll be your man, I’ll be the one you need,
I’ll be the one you love, I’ll be your trusty steed.

Because Italian stallion, you know what I mean?
Ahaha, I’m kidding, let’s keep this clean.
But Andrea, you’ve only got one father, we all always do,
And yes I know he sometimes just feels like a rock in your shoe.

All of our lives are different, you know no one’s the same,
And it’s not just because our fathers give us our last name.
You know different influences cause us to grow differently,
He was a major part of you, he even still is, incidentally.

Andrea, nothing is always going to be perfect, you know that,
He’s still here, you still have a chance, you know where he’s at.
It might be difficult, it may be hard, I know,
You can’t give up! Don’t throw that love down below.

Andrea, you know I’m here for you, and I know he should be saying it,
But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, it doesn’t mean you should quit.
He may not be the perfect man, but really, are any people perfect?
Flaws don’t always poke out, but some are more direct.

His mistakes have jabbed at your tender heart for so long,
Making you remember all the things that were wrong.
I know everything may not have been right,
But don’t let all that block your sight.

There’s risk in living, life is a hell,
Constantly burning us as we live and dwell.
I’m here, you’re here, and so is he,
We’re locked here together, don’t you agree?

He may not be able to give you everything you need,
But baby please give more chances, he’s given blood to bleed.
I don’t know what goes through his head,
But if I lost a beautiful daughter like you to the world, I’d wish I was dead.

Andrea, he’s not your hero, he is but a man, I’m sorry to say,
Not every man can have it their way.
But right now I have a chance, I can be more than a man,
I can be your hero, I will and I can.

Put your trust in me, I’ll show you how I will love,
Those feelings of doubt we will dispose of.
Because who needs those when we have us?
We’re a great addition to the world, a powerful plus.

He’s come and gone, the hero from your past,
Don’t fret, it’s not forever, that love will always last.
Now I stand, here I am, holding your hand,
I’ll be your hero, together in this land.

Topic(s) of this poem: father, father daughter, hero, inspiration, love, love and life, love and pain, motivation, romantic

Form: Dramatic Monologue

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