Double Standards Plain And Simple! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Double Standards Plain And Simple!

By Stanley Collymore

Toxic, thoroughly dim-witted,
quite verminous scum, also
odiously clickbait morons;
unless quite racist rags, and distinctly
right-wing media clearly like the Daily
Mail very distinctly, do instruct them
all to act otherwise, just won't resist
from clutching their neck chains, or
posh pearls firmly; also undeniably
Camilla-like generally adulterously
and similarly racist Karen trollops
too, evidently in tandem with their
undoubtedly cuckolded Gammon
passively accepting what's being
done to them; yet ridiculously, all
clearly, taking personal umbrage
at all regarded slights, no matter
how pathetically, and delusional
these really are that they take to
regard as being directed at Kate
Middleton while basically at the
same time very ludicrously and
purposely, dishonestly blaming
all such "assaults" on Meghan;
regardless of who or what, the
authentic source is, assuming
that irrefutably there was one!
Or likewise that those actually
and very castigatorily blamed
were linked to Meghan, in any
intelligent, or perceptible way.

Yet these pathetically sad losers
and very irredeemably moronic
lowlife scum have no problem
whatsoever both simultaneously and
quite recurrently releasing a tsunami
of effectively, publicly, vitriolic abuse
towards Meghan herself and equally
rendered every opportunity afforded
to them. Basically double standards
pure and simple, and purposely and
racially instigated by solely pathetic
very dismally low IQ hacks, but with
usually steep mortgages, to pay off
among them; coupled also with the
stupid beliefs of sycophantic serfs,
Brexiteers, the imbecillic coterie of
little Englanders and dumb empire
loyalists, who oft-times repeatedly
rather delusionally kid themselves
that they're effectively the notably
and tenacious defenders of a still
and evidently discernible to them,
quite enduringly so global Britain.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
23 May 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Stupidity which was always a core element of widespread British behaviour across the entire spectrum of UK society is now quite unquestionably so, for all but the ingrained stupid to see, a deeply intrinsic and even a compulsory component of what Britain as a society realistically is in the 21st Century, along with those who run, as well as quite noxiously infest it; and is quite undeniably what the country sadly but categorically is essentially all about.

Likewise the Australian networks and the surfeit of lowlife scum, genociders and convict descendants that infest that Aborigine stolen country. Every chance you lot get, usually wilfully contrived, disingenuously and dishonestly likewise to lambast Meghan Markle, you fully and invariably exaggeratedly deploy it and do so most scathingly. Now you odious mother-F are absolutely silent over Rolf Harris.

Conscionable and moral journalists as well as ordinary human beings would clearly be impartial and report the proven truth, supported by irrefutable facts, about what this evil ogre, in total conjunction with his likeminded friends and his royal enablers, recurrently and perniciously did. But you haven't nor have you any interest at all in doing so; because the vast majority of you: hacks as well as the scum that evidently infest the land you've stolen are no different from Rolf Harris; and truth be told you can't see or ever envisage that what this supposed specimen of Homo sapiens did recurrently do constituted anything wrong. And in tandem with you Aussies your vile and equally evil British kin are discernibly engaging in a plethora of excuses for this disgustingly repugnant man.

But guess what? Had this been Jeremy Corbyn: a most reputable man you couldn't actually ask for or hope to meet, both you hacks as well as you equally lowlife scum of sycophantic and intellectually challenged morons would have had a rampant field day. That's the kind of odious and evil lowlifes that you effective are!

But could it also have much to do with, as quite intelligent persons like myself have already deduced, with the fact that Rolf Harris was a personal buddy of the equally now late Liz Windsor and the entire surfeit of the Windsor family and undeniably too their closest friends? Who with a discernibly functioning brain in their head, and one doesn't need a Mensa IQ to ascertain the accompanying fact, can forget the equally and distinctly close and intimate empathy between Liz Windsor and Rolf Harris as he worked on that portrait of hers at Buckingham Palace in the full glare of the television cameras? Then there was Jimmy Savile and Bishop Peter Ball, all close pals of the Windsors and all odious paedophile. While to save your public blushes and you had Mountbatten murdered because his multiple paedophile activities were themselves becoming too dangerously explicit and similarly far too uncomfortable for the distinct and lying public persona of your so-called royal family.

What a smart move, on the part of Harry and Meghan, to escape from the repulsive environs of you lot! And is it any wonder that you scum are so hypocritically and too most vitriolic and recurrent in your lambasting of them!

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