Dragon Eyes Poem by Jade DragonHeart

Dragon Eyes

Rating: 4.5

Dragon eyes are worth your while
You can see the past and future
Through those of red and black
To those of white and gold

Dragon eyes are worth a million
Though they are rare to find
From caves of stone
To rooms of blood and bone

Dragon eyes have more than power
They carry lives of hope and horror
From those who die of fear
To those who live in mirrors

Those who do not know the truth
Believe that dragon eyes are not of pride

Dragon eyes are not for thieves
But for people of hope and dreams
From nightmares to daydreams
To those who do believe

Dragon eyes are worth your while
Dragon eyes are worth your pride
Dragon eyes are worth your minds eye
Dragon eyes are worth dieing for

Galina Nagornaya 05 May 2013

I am fond of dragons. I like poems about them. And I like your poem very much. Dragon eyes are worth dieing for that is true.

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Jade DragonHeart 22 January 2010

I'm glad you liked it. and in my eyes, Dragon Eyes are like large rubies. If you've ever seen the movie Dungens and Dragons. The very first one. The red like stone is, if I remember correctly, is a dragons eye. And it's a Ruby like color. And oval like shaped. If you have not seen that movie, you may want to watch it just to see what a Dragon's Eye looks like. That's basically what I based this poem from, as well as one of my first books I've written. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

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Wow, lol. Makes me think of a fantasy novel set in a mid-evil age. I forget though, are dragon eyes, gems or rubies. I know they're some type of jewel. Anyway, awesome writing!

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