First Kill Poem by Jade DragonHeart

First Kill

The sweet smell of skin
Sweet salvation arrives
For you to try
For your First Kill

He is young and handsome
You call him over
He walks closer
You lean over to kiss him

You walk to a dark alleyway
He begins to take off his shirt
You touch his chest
And he touches yours

He leans forward to kiss your sweet lips
You lean to his movements
Until the right moment comes
For you to take his life

He kisses your neck
Your fangs emerge without him knowing
You lean into his neck
The moment has arrived

His blood rushes from his veins
And into your mouth
The sweet smell of revenge has arrived
You have taken your First Kill

You pull away as he falls, he is still breathing
You begin to walk away when he reaches for you
You know you should leave him, but you step to his side
You slit your wrist and tell him it's fine

He drinks you to the brink of death
You pull away and watch him turn
When he rises, you stand and stare
Then from behind, you pull out a stake

You walk up to him when he calls
You kiss him, and he returns the favor
You pull the stake out and you tell him to close his eyes
You step away and stake him in the heart and he turns to ash.

Sally Plumb Plumb 12 February 2011

Thank goodness vampires are myth.

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