Dream Poem by Panda Broussard


The sun is beginning to disappear,
Behind the horizon, far from near.

Sitting and watching the darkness arrive,
The bugs and biters start to fly by.

Blowing the smoke thru the hazy air,
Does not release the tension still there.

The list of things and duties roll through the mind,
All of which, are still incomplete and short, the time.

From the rising and to the dawn,
The day was filled with worries that have yet to be gone.

The door finally opens, and the voice appears,
Calling and asking for their loved one, with looks of despair.

A hug takes place, no one can explain,
Release of the worry, riddingall the pain.

Arms so mighty and filled with care,
Wrap around the body, and hold, staying there.

Not moving backwards, not stiffing up,
Holding tightly until enough is enough.

The looks and glances become attached,
Hearts refill with passion, lips impact.

He carries her down the hallway path,
The two become one, for this is not math.

Intense and passionate the fury,
Erasing all doubt of missing love once blurry.

A dog barks, and awakens the dreamer,
The wishes and wonders become clearer.

Awkwardness refills the air,
The door opens and closes, no hugs felt here.

Thursday, March 21, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: dream
Panda Broussard

Panda Broussard

Denham Springs, Louisiana
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