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Never can I say goodbye
Yet my eyes, still they cry.
You are at peace, does everyone say.
But not I, not this way.


The sun is beginning to disappear,
Behind the horizon, far from near.

Sitting and watching the darkness arrive,

Today the knife twists deep,
Tears are a constant weep.
That face could ease this pain,
Impossible the wish remains.

What right does one have,
To be so cold?

To show the lacking,

My sweet Grandmama, how dear you are to me!
Your beauty was everlasting, your heart shined for all to see.

You always comforted me, in all my times of gray.

The chill in the air forces the heart back in time,
To a place so awesome, no words can describe.

The night was clear, the moon and stars were near.

To say sorry would be so lame,
To say goodbye would cause more pain.

To be empty and completely numb,

Strength they say,  

Is how you make it through another day.

A pause in time, why, how can this be?
Frozen eyes on the frame of you with me.

You had to leave, but no goodbye was said.

How do you stop the sun from shinning,
How do you end the changing of the seasons?

Is it possible to control the tides from happening?

Wraps tight the dark,
Consuming all spark.

Ice crunching, wind whirling.

Your thoughts, your words unspoken,
Consumed my mind.
Left me empty and broken.
The viscous beggar,

Glare at me, as if I have a choice.
Ignore me, as if I am not worth your voice.
Additional pain comes in my chest.
Sorry, laying down is how the pain is at rest.

Mumbling in the background,
Too far away to understand.
A door opens and closes with squeaky hinges creating sound.
Light shines in through the window, leaves move around.

A twig snaps, a puff of dirt forms
Where the hoof print marks the ground torn.
The continuous steps, with a slow pace,
The rider steers and guides the way.

A dark demon of pain entered my chest.
It grabbed hold, continuing the unrest.
Tossing and turning through the minutes of time.
Darkness has seemed to claim what once was mine.


Your bed is still in your spot. Your bowl is still filled to the top.
Your leash it sits not being used.
Your collar unlocked and slightly bruised.
Your brush and comb on the table there.

There is a bright iridescent light in the air,
Beautiful wildflowers cast everywhere.
Many colors of beauty there with scents so sweet.
A stream of water flowing, forever feeding the need.

It is raining today.
I can't go see your name.
My heart aches today.
It consumes me with pain.

I breathe in,
I breathe out.
I am an empty shell,
No strength, all doubt.

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It Mattered To Me

Never can I say goodbye
Yet my eyes, still they cry.
You are at peace, does everyone say.
But not I, not this way.
No accident or fault can I blame.
But you left me just the shame.
I ache and this pain so hard to bare.
Yet my lungs still fill with air.
Life has cruel intent, sometimes it seems.
To put joy there, then cause you to bleed.
I can see your face, when I close my eyes.
Remember your advise that was once wise.
Though you gave up because of your pain,
I can not, yet mine is the same.
To end my life, to choose to escape.
Would be hypocrisy and not worthy a blame.
For my life matters to many you see,
Like you and yours, it mattered to me.

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Chaarzarul Rockett 10 May 2013

Absolutely beautiful words! ;)

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